Image of START NOW Stop sign


Scott Froschauer is an experimental artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Taking the visual language of street signs but replacing the typically negative language, like “Do Not Enter” and “No Left Turn” or “Wrong Way,” with constructive ideas is the motivation for his “The Word on The Street” series of public art installations. 

START Now, 2019
Mirror-polished Stainless Steel


We are surrounded by information that tells us we are lacking. Advertising consumes our visual field and it constantly tells us that our kids aren’t happy enough, our friends aren’t beautiful enough, basically that we need something to make us complete. Street signs have to cut through this cacophony of information to get us really important information. The colors, the fonts, the shapes… all these elements are designed to transmit information clearly and quickly. We are exposed to these visual elements from a very young age and they establish themselves deep in our minds. When we are driving and see a red octagon, we don’t need to read the word “STOP” we just reflexively hit the brakes. It is this deep seated connection that I am working with, this reflexive response that bypasses the conscious mind, to provide a message of completeness and self-care. My goal is to offset the messages of alienation we are bombarded with from advertising and provide messages that we are okay as we are and that we have the ability to take care of ourselves. 

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